Learning that fits your child...

Every day, Boulder Valley School District preschools partner with families to develop each child’s unique strengths in a fun, nurturing learning environment. Our teachers are focused on getting to know your child and understanding their interests, strengths, and areas of growth. We are committed to meeting your child’s learning goals.

Just because our preschools are a ton of fun doesn’t mean your child isn’t growing in leaps and bounds. Our teachers all hold Master’s degrees in Early Childhood Education, and our curriculum prepares children for kindergarten through play. 

Welcome to Preschool!

Examples of Learning Opportunities

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Early Childhood Curriculum and Kindergarten Readiness

Mapleton Early Childhood Center is an inclusive and welcoming environment where we honor the individual needs of each student and help them reach their highest potential. Children who have been identified with special needs are supported by specialists who partner with classroom teachers and para professionals to create individualized learning services and modified curriculum to best meet their needs and inspire learning and success. Every student here is an equal and valued member of our learning community and is encouraged, supported, cheered for and celebrated as they reach new goals, make lasting friends and gain confidence in their social and academic skills.

While Kindergarten may have signaled the beginning of the school journey in the past, we now know the precious years prior to kindergarten are what lay the groundwork for a love of learning, a joy of discovery and the skills to be confident and engaged learners. At Mapleton Early Childhood Center, we celebrate this time where play can partner with learning to foster a strong academic and social foundation to help each student reach his or her full potential in all the years of education ahead. We meet children where they are in their learning journey and nurture their developmental, social and academic skills. 

To learn more, visit the Early Childhood Education site by clicking here.